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Afternoon Tea

We invite you to join us for Afternoon Tea which will include a few favourite hymns and a short talk.
Come along and meet us in an informal setting, you do not need to be a church attender yourself.

Invitation to Afternoon Tea at Renhold Chapel 20th May 2018

Quiz Night 2017

Last Saturday the Chapel held a Quiz Night at Renhold Village Hall in support of the Bedford Foodbank . We collected just under 29kg of food donations which equates to 68 meals and raised £161 as a cash donation.

The winning team was the Parish Council Brigade and the runners up were ‘4 plus 2’.

Thanks to the quiz teams and supporters for a great evening and special thanks to our quizmaster Chris and Scorers Carolyn & Heather.

Quiz_2017_5 Quiz_2017_4 Quiz_2017_2 Quiz_2017_3 Quiz_2017_1 Quiz_2017_6