Afternoon Tea

We invite you to join us for Afternoon Tea which will include a few favourite hymns and a short talk.
Come along and meet us in an informal setting, you do not need to be a church attender yourself.

Invitation to Afternoon Tea at Renhold Chapel 20th May 2018


Coffee Morning – March 2018

Following the success of Trevor Asque’s talk at last month’s Coffee Morning, this month he brought along some of his vinyl records to play to us. Some were songs requested from attendees of the coffee morning others were ones that he’d decided to share with those at the coffee morning. These included Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard and Glenn Miller. Two videos were played on the projection screen these were Lollipop by Millie Small. Old Tige by Jim Reeves.

We look forward to having a speaker from Sue Ryder at the next coffee morning on the 10th April. Should you wish to attend the Coffee Morning starts at 10am. If you’d like further information or have questions please contact us here.

Quiz Night 2017

Last Saturday the Chapel held a Quiz Night at Renhold Village Hall in support of the Bedford Foodbank . We collected just under 29kg of food donations which equates to 68 meals and raised £161 as a cash donation.

The winning team was the Parish Council Brigade and the runners up were ‘4 plus 2’.

Thanks to the quiz teams and supporters for a great evening and special thanks to our quizmaster Chris and Scorers Carolyn & Heather.

Quiz_2017_5 Quiz_2017_4 Quiz_2017_2 Quiz_2017_3 Quiz_2017_1 Quiz_2017_6