Church Services

Our Church Services are held every Sunday at 10:30 and 18:00.

Morning Services

Family Church Services are held at the morning on the first Sunday of the month and are aimed primarily at children and young people who are invited to stay with us during the entire service, but don’t worry the older folk are not forgotten.  During the remaining morning services a Sunday School is provided where the younger children can take part in crafting activities or read Bible stories.

Evening Services

The evening church services give the opportunity for a more in depth study of the Bible and what relevance it has for us today.

Please note there are some variations to service times during the summer months. 

The preachers booked for the next few weeks are listed below

February210:30 am Mr C. JohnsonFamily Service
18:00Mr S. Guest
910:30 am Mr R. Smith
18:00 Mr R. Lake
1610:30 amMr I. Markey
18:00Mr P. Bridle
2310:30Mr B. Sutton
18:00Mr M. Hallett
March110:30Mr G. HicksFamily Service
18:00Mr M. Button
810:30 Mr P. Bridle
18:00Mr R. Smith
1510:30 Mr D. Gibson
16:00Mr S. ElphickAfternoon Tea
2210:30Mr R. Keech
18:00Mr G. Hicks
18:00Mr R. Knight