Church Services

Services are held every Sunday at 10:30 and 18:00.

Please note there are some variations to service times during the summer months. 

Preachers for the next few weeks are listed below

October610:30 am Mr P. BridleFamily Service
18:00Mr R. Lake
1310:30 am Mr M. Popplestone
18:00 Mr R. Crane
2010:30 amMr I. Markey
18:00Mr S. Guest
2710:30Mr R. Smith
18:00Mr D. Button
November310:30Mr A. Little Family Service
18:00Mr A. Palmer
1010:30 Mr R. Keech
18:00Mr M. Popplestone
1710:30 Mr M. Baker
18:00Mr A. May
2410:30Mr M. Hallett
18:00Mr B. Sutton
December110:30Puppets 4:13Family Service
18:00Mr G. Hicks
810:30Christmas Dinner
18:00No Service
1510:30Mr R Prudden
18:00Mr M. Button
2210:30Mr K. Harvey
2910:30Mr D. Mead